Trainspotting addiction and familiar environment

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Trainspotting addiction and familiar environment

How to Write a Summary of an Article? If it does however, it would create an uncomfortable and unnerving situation.

Trainspotting addiction and familiar environment

Paranoia, depression, hallucinations, and zombie babies are all a part of this timeless scene that truly leaves the viewer in an uneasy and ambivalent state of mind. From the second Renton is locked in his room, a feeling of uncanniness sweeps over the audience, for as awful as Renton may feel, the audience is left unsympathetic to the whole situation.

Renton, as he states throughout the film, is a bad person, and the audience will never sympathize with the bad person. Therefore, as the scene progresses, there is a sense of cognitive dissonance between wanting to feel sorry for Renton, and feeling that he is getting what he deserves.

It takes place in his childhood room which is covered in trains. It is uncanny that Renton is locked in a room like this, for it perfectly embodies the theme of the movie. First, it literally stands for one who spots trains and takes note of when it comes and goes, which therefore translates to an utterly useless life.

It also refers to the track marks that are left in the veins after shooting up. His bed soon starts moving backwards, and the room starts elongating, as if to personify the notion that Renton is being pulled into limbo where he will be forced to face the reality of his oncoming hallucinations.

The term uncanny is most brilliantly personified through this scene because this baby that was once familiar to Renton, is now altered, creepy, and morbid, creating immense uneasiness due to the uncertainty of her state of being. This was only achieved, however, through the presence of the uncanny, for it was the quintessential factor that made the scene that much more insightful and visceral.Scott’s diaries tell a sadly familiar story of vows to get clean and failed attempts Environment Soccer US politics Business a professor of addiction medicine at the University of.

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Joey from Friends and Charlie from Two and a half men, and is often depicted in films such as Fight club, Beautiful girls, Reykjavik, and Jesus’ son. Trainspotting () is a "depiction of the squalid depravities and exploitative self interest that characterises the everyday life of heroin addiction." (Petrie 90) Its' realistic style, use of language and unflinching portrayal of drug use was what first attracted me to look at it a bit closer.

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Trainspotting – Yasmin Allen Trainspotting is a phonetically written novel by Irvine Welsh. The Scottish heroin addict battles his way through the story to kick his addiction. The captivating story of the random events that occur during a critical time in a group of Scottish junkies' lives.

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