Presentation business data access layer oracle

Manage the Oracle BI Scheduler 1.

Presentation business data access layer oracle

If customers require a slightly different data structure or have location specific requirements, the implementation is easy because the changes are minimal.

Cost-effectiveness — Providers can build the base with the data experts and outsource the presentation layer, which makes for very cost-effective user interfaces and makes change requests at the presentation layer much more feasible.

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Data quality — Access to the data is controlled through the data services, which tends to improve data quality, as there is a single point for updates. Once those services are tested thoroughly, they only need to be regression tested, if they remain unchanged for the next deployment.

Pricing models[ edit ] There are hundreds of DaaS vendors on the Web, and the pricing models by which they charge their customers fall mainly into two major categories. This is the simplest model to implement. The vendors charge their customers based on the amount of data they want to use.

Subscriptions for an unlimited amount of data is referred to as the fire-hose approach.

presentation business data access layer oracle

In this approach, vendors charge for each call from the customer to the API. In this model, vendors charge based on the type or attribute of data that customer needs. For example, geographic, financial and historical data necessary for customer business are examples of types of data upon which pricing may be based.

Some vendors such as Microsoft Azure store the data in three different types blobs, queues, and tables.


Criticism[ edit ] The drawbacks of data as a service are generally similar to those associated with any type of cloud computingsuch as the reliance of the customer on the service provider's ability to avoid server downtime.

Specific to the DaaS model, a common criticism is that when compared to traditional data delivery, the consumer is really just "renting" the data, using it to produce a graph, chart or map, or possibly perform analysis, but for data as a service, generally the data is not available for download.If you are planning to use Oracle Application Server 10g and choose the Advanced option, ensure that you specify the location of your Oracle_Home..

5. Ensure your screen resolution is a minimum of x 6. Have access to or have installed Oracle Database 10g. 7.


What Are the Oracle Business Intelligence System Administration Tasks?. Administering an Oracle Business Intelligence system involves the following tasks: Configuring a system for deployment after installation.

Configuring metadata and content, general preferences, and default system settings. The Lifecycle of a Revolution.

1 Introduction to Oracle Business Intelligence System Administration

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Generating the DAL I find that in most cases the DAL code is identical between objects. A good idea is to use a code generator to build the data access layer for any business application. HP needs weeks to ship additional TouchPads, according to a leaked email sent to customers. HP is prepping one last run for its defunct tablet. News analysis, commentary, and research for business technology professionals.

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