Personal philosophy of leadership

I believe the most authentic leadership is organic.

Personal philosophy of leadership

One of the interesting things about the people who lead us, whether they are good leaders, poor leaders, or indifferent leaders is the fact we learn from all of them.

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Some teach us how to lead while others have the place of showing us how not to lead. So, what makes the difference in a strong leader and a weak one?

The level of life experience they possess? While all of these are indeed factors there is one overriding metric that sets apart strong leaders from weak ones: Most have not begun to think through an overarching approach on how they will lead people to influence the organization. One can get by for a while like this but it qualifies less as actual leadership more as simply managing situation to situation.

True leadership is the ability to affect change and influence in people and organizations. A coach needs a game plan. A general needs a plan of attack. Someone running for office needs a platform.

If one is truly going to Personal philosophy of leadership lead others than one needs a proactive thought process to approach it. An effective and developed leadership approach positions a person for true leadership and becomes the defining factor for true influence.

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So if one is to choose an approach for leadership, an operating system so to speak, then what is the most effective one? What types of leadership approaches are out there from which to choose? There are many strategies out there as a quick look at any book list on leadership will demonstrate.

These books, overall, define and offer strategies for influence. A leadership philosophy is an overarching thought process that sets the attitude toward how one views leadership. Is leadership the chance to guide processes and achieve goals or is it the chance to develop people?

Is success determined by bottom lines or by the character of the organization? These are the type of philosophical questions one has to consider. I believe in the end there are really only two overall philosophies in leadership: One has to know where they fall in this belief before they adopt a strategy for their leadership.

The core of the positional philosophy would be simply stated as one leads because one is in charge.

Personal philosophy of leadership

This is an ancient approach and was rather pragmatic in societies where there were those who had power and those who never would. Order was kept as long as everyone did as they were told. The servant philosophy, as one would guess, centers not on positional authority but instead on the concept of leading by investing in and developing others to self-lead.

This may ultimately culminate in them becoming better leaders of others in order to grow them for future opportunities or it simply may be helping followers better self-manage themselves in their current work. Either way, the one who leads from this philosophy sets up for a win in the long run.

This, as a philosophy, is also an ancient one but really has only seen traction in organizations in the past couple of decades. The best test, and difficult to administer, is:Jul 15,  · Leadership isn’t the stuff of motivational posters and ribbon-cutting photo ops. Commitment to your team and to building your brand is what really counts.

A Personal Leadership Development Plan 2. Leadership Philosophy Joan Byrne Director of Recreation, Parks and Arts I believe that leadership is a privilege. It is a privi-lege that carries with it the responsibility to inspire others, and to direct them to attain the vision and LPP_Joan_Byrne_sm Created Date.

leadership comes over time; you must make mistakes to make things better. As I think back to all the leaders in my life and in the world, I noticed that all of them have their own values and ways of accomplishing greatness in their life. It is essential to have my own personal beliefs and values before becoming a leader to others.

Leadership is both a research area and a practical skill encompassing the ability of an individual or organization to "lead" or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations. [citation needed] Specialist literature debates various viewpoints, contrasting Eastern and Western approaches to leadership, and also (within the West) United States versus European approaches.

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Crafting Your Own Personal Leadership Philosophy