Is man basically good or evil

Most people think they are ok - do you agree?

Is man basically good or evil

Is Man Basically Good? Historic Baptists believe in the total hereditary depravity of mankind. They view man as being basically evil. Religious liberals do not believe in the total hereditary depravity of mankind. They view man as being basically good. What does the Bible teach concerning these matters?

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The Bible speaks very clearly on this issue. As a direct result of the sin committed by the entire human race in and with Adam, Each and every descendent of Adam is by nature: He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.

When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: At enmity with God Romans. Under the righteous judgment and wrath of God John.

Perishing and Condemned John.

Is man basically good or evil

Wholly inclined to Evil 16 How much more abominable and filthy is man, which drinketh iniquity like water? Made spiritually alive by the Holy Spirit John.

For if through the offence of one many be dead, much more the grace of God, and the gift by grace, which is by one man, Jesus Christ, hath abounded unto many.

But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound: Man is not basically good, but basically evil.Man is naturally good: Rousseau and Romanticism. -- Consider relationship to Genesis story of Adam and Eve and how knowledge is the source of sin and evil: Opening of Emile: "God makes all things good; man meddles with them and they become evil.

He forces one soil to yield the products of another, one tree to bear another's fruit. Feb 26,  · MAN is basically evil coz we all r so much involved in the problems of this materialistic life tht we have almost forgot wht humanity is Anonymous · 1 decade ago 0Status: Resolved.

Feb 27,  · Man is basically evil. That's why He dies, for sin brings death. And by evil, that's not necessarily a heinous act.

One just has to prevent himself from doing good, or again, maybe the so-called good being done has an ulterior motive of self-glorification or some other type of personal reward. Feb 26,  · man is good, but it is large-scale society which makes him evil.

i think very few americans would, if they say a starving african on the street, not give him food. people are inclined to help others when the others are close and their suffering Resolved. Evil does not mean one is out attempting to hurt others or cause harm to society but the nature of man is sin therefore we are evil unclean before God the Father.

Is man basically good or evil

But the good news is that Evil can be cleansed through our Savior Jesus Christ and the Great Sacrifice that Atoned for Our sins to become one with God. Mar 29,  · "Humans were basically good before the fall but at the moment when Adam and Eve chose to follow their own wisdom instead of God's, they lost fellowship with God and this allowed evil to enter them.

"Man is Basically Good!" (Good at what?)