Ikea background

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Ikea background

They are the largest furniture retailer in the world and currently operates in 38 countries with a total of stores. They are also well known for their delicious food served in their restaurant which is located in their store. Kamprad, consists of a 5 person executive committee and holds majority of the stores worldwide.

The first store they opened was in Sweden. After which, they decided to expand their stores in neighboring countries like Norway and Denmark to monitor the situation before further expanding their company.

With rising success and popularity in their products, they further expand their stores all around the world. Among all the countries, Germany brought them the highest profit. Furthermore, every company will go through the product life cycle process.

Therefore, it is important for IKEA to introduce their products in other foreign markets in order to start the product life cycle all over again. It is not profitable at the initial stage. However, once the image is built, earning revenue will be a piece of cake. Making use of labor from different countries can also benefit the company.

Labor varies from country to country and may be cheaper to hire in some countries. By setting up factories in such countries will cut down the production cost of IKEA. Rights will only be given if that particular country do not have any existing stores.

Acting as a franchisor will allow IKEA to have more time to manage their own stores and at the same time globalize their company with least effort.

Advantages of franchisor- Lower risk and low costs. Disadvantages of franchisor- Limited control over franchised stores, Lack of quality control. Can occur by obtaining existing entity or setting up a new enterprise. Legal requirements in certain country may prevent foreign ownership.

It is also a fast way for IKEA to enter foreign market but it is very costly, risky and complex. However, it provides greatest degree of control and highest profit. Company will usually choose this entry mode when it is too expensive to obtain existing entity.The nine-day IAAF Apple Championships in Beijing is over.

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IKEA Background. IKEA established. started the furniture business.

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opened the 1st shop in H.K. As at ,it has stores in 35 countries. IKEA own their coffee shops, restaurants in the retail shops. Slideshow by tannertranceformingnlp.com  · Published: Mon, 5 Dec IKEA is an internationally known home furnishing retailer.

It has grown rapidly since it was founded in Today it is the world’s largest furniture retailer, recognised for its Scandinavian tranceformingnlp.com://tranceformingnlp.com First Ikea opens in China First Ikea opens in Russia Two bombs explode in Dutch branches; all branches in the country are briefly closed and security is stepped up at stores elsewheretranceformingnlp.com IKEA was founded in Sweden in by year-old Ingvar Kamprad.

IKEA operates stores in 29 countries with nearly 70% of the stores located in tranceformingnlp.comr: B. C. Forbes.

Ikea background
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