Hist 1302 syllabus crn 62

Responses, summaries, scratch outlines, rough draft postings, workshops, etc. If you save your paper in a format I cannot open, then your paper is late and may not be accepted see late policy. These papers must be emailed to me according to the due dates and late policies described below.

Hist 1302 syllabus crn 62

By the end of the course, the student should be able to: Develop further critical reading and analytic skills by reading dramatic and non-dramatic poetry from Bronze age Greece to the English Renaissance. Trace the development of important modes such as tragedy, comedy, epic, styles, and innovations.

Increase our understanding and familiarity with some of the greatest works ever written. Learn to read and analyze individual literary texts within a cultural, historical, and political context. Improve writing and analytical skills, particularly the skill of writing literary analyses in essay form, using the conventions of the university academic community.

Demonstrate how to write cogent, extended library interpretations incorporating critical sources Acquired through library research and documented correctly and adequately using the MLA style of documentation. UH-Downtown adheres to all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and guidelines with respect to providing reasonable accommodations for student with disabilities.

Students with disabilities should register with Disabled Student Services and contact their instructor in a timely manner to arrange for appropriate accommodation.

Disabled Student Services is in —S; Duraese Hall is the co-coordinator and her office extension is as well as Acceptance of Late Work: All assignments in this class must be submitted on time, even if you are absent.

Philosophy Courses < Texas A&M University-Commerce Class Policies Students who miss three or more classes will be dropped from the course. If you are having medical problems or other documented problems contact me immediately.
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English syllabus Problem Solving with Computers Term: You must include the course number CIS on the subject line of any e-mail sent to the instructor or he may not open it.

The instructor considers the student who turns in late work to be extremely fortunate that, even with this penalty, that work is accepted. I will make every effort to maximize my accessibility to you relating to assignments.

Hist 1302 syllabus crn 62

I will be available before and after class and during office hours, which will be posted on my office door. If you have problems understanding the assignments please seek to talk to me about those assignments. Talk to me often. Get involved in the course and the course material.

University Policies and Procedures: All students are subject of university-wide policies set forth in the catalog and the student handbook, including academic honesty, Policy Attendance is necessary to successfully complete this course.

If you do not attend regularly, you will fail.


However, there may be mitigating circumstances surrounding tardiness. Please come and tell me, after class, why you were tardy. Philosophy of the Course: In this class we will approach world literature with several questions in mind.

Hist 1302 syllabus crn 62

What is the relationship of classical epic and drama to the cultural and economic environments in which they were produced? What is the work as an aesthetic artifact?

What is the relationship of the work to the writer and his or her life? How do these great pieces of literature become acknowledged as great?

Both epic and drama are social, collaborative efforts. The study of this genre requires the same of the student. Your absence and tardiness will adversely affect the people with whom you are working and your own grade.

Group activity will be a regular part of your class work. I take a very dim view of student who do not participate to their best ability in this class and absent or silent people are not fully participating. If you must choose between being late and not coming at all, of course, come to my class late and I will attempt to prevent your being embarrassed.

I will assume that you have had to fight monsters and dragons to get to my class, because I know that you have had to do that. Appropriateness of response to the topic.

If the essay does not address the topic, the grade is 0.CRN Dept Crs Sect Instructor Syllabus; PHYS: DA: Ulbricht, Megan: Syllabus: PHYS: DA: Ulbricht, Megan: Syllabus: PHYS: DB: syllabus as MLAAK.

To the extent that my schedule permits, I shall try to send you PDF To the extent that my schedule permits, I shall try to send you PDF versions of articles listed on the syllabus.

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Specifically, Green did project work for Hiller in the Midwest, solving previously identified business problems. Project work gave him an opportunity to view an operation from a very different vantage point from when he was a GM.

The Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) has been designed for the purpose of aiding students in the transfer of general academic courses between . HIST World History Since Fall Page 2 of 3 Grade Components 20% Quizzes. Thirteen quizzes. There will be no make-up quizzes. The 3 lowest grades will be dropped.

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