Describe the main types of equipment found in offices and how they are used

From computers to copiers, modern offices require several different types of equipment, furniture and supplies to function efficiently. Office equipment falls into a few main categories, based on its function in the office. What is Office Equipment? Notably, office supplies and office furniture are typically categorized and tracked separately from office equipment.

Describe the main types of equipment found in offices and how they are used

Describe a piece of electronic equipment that you find useful. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Describe the main types of equipment found in offices and how they are used

Science has made human life comfortable. With the advancement of age, we have started reaping the benefits of the past inventions and discovered technology, and marching towards an advanced and digitised world.

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Thereby, we are surrounded by electronic equipment almost everywhere regardless of home or working stations. I have a desktop computer at my home with the latest configuration. It is the most important and valuable thing for me when I am at home.

It helps me in different ways. When I get back home from work, I play songs on the computer. Sometimes I and my wife watch thrilling movies too on the computer.

Describe the main types of equipment found in offices and how they are used

It has become an essential part of my life. I also use the electronic equipment for many other purposes and use the sophisticated applications made for various purposes. Mostly I play different video games on the computer during my holidays and y wife uses it for editing photographs.

It is truly useful equipment for me and my family.

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But learning to run the applications were not so easy for me as it is today. Now I can perform some extraordinary tasks on the computer.

I can edit photos using photo editing software, write anything on the word writing applications like Ms Word, make presentations for my office using PowerPoint, analyse numerous data using data analysis software and more others tasks.

I took admission at a training school where I mastered the skills. Now I am also able to edit photos or create images and give them shapes after needs with the editing applications. All I learnt from the training school and took a six-month training there. In the beginning, I made silly mistakes to run the applications but now I am highly skilled in running those and even I do not need to check the keyboard if I am pressing the right key.

I had to buy the computer for my wife in as she is a wildlife photographer, captures still pictures of the animals and needs to edit those before submitting to different agencies.Main Categories of Medical Supplies Other types of surgical tools can include diagnostic scopes that surgeons insert deep into the patient’s body so they can see in hard-to-reach places.

Patients and long-term care residents sometimes do not have the mobility to travel to a necessary piece of equipment, so various types of carts are. For new, or developing businesses, remote satellite offices and project rooms, Serviced Offices can provide a simple solution and provide all of the former types of space.


Work spaces [ edit ] Work spaces in an office are typically used for conventional office activities such as reading, writing and computer work. List of Types of Office Equipment by Annie Sisk - Updated June 25, If you’re planning to start a business, you’ll need to give some thought to establishing .

The different types of equipment found in offices would becomputers, printers, copy machines and telephones. They would alsobe papers, pens, and staplers. Share to.

Different Types of Essential Office Equipments

Identify different types of equipment and their uses There are many different types of office equipment. The main ones found in most offices are: Chair – To sit on I can’t leave the workarea insuch away that someone else has to clear up after you before they can begin usingthe equipment.

Jun 29,  · A variety of equipment from large ovens, racks and mixers to small items like pans, spoons and icing bags are necessary for the efficient running of a bakery. Quality commercial bakery equipment .

What are The different types of office equipment their features and what they can be used for