Bowdoin essayist

He was twice appointed Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress from toand again from to

Bowdoin essayist

An Essay on Essays Scott Meiklejohn: I looked out my window one day this week as I was finishing a phone call. An out-of-state car pulled into our admissions parking lot, and out popped a mother and son. They stretched, maybe shaking off the drive. They came together at the back of the car, the son pulling on his sport coat.

Here for an interview, I thought. His mother brushed her hands a few times over his shoulders, down the sleeves, tugging on the lapels—acts of care and support. He gave his mom a peck on the cheek and headed toward our front door.

For many high school seniors, the visits to campus, interviews, college fairs, and other elements of the deciding and applying process are largely over. Students are focusing on their fall coursework, their applications, and of course, their essays.

Most of what our applicants will submit as part of the application process is now either already done or not theirs to do.

Scott Meiklejohn: An Essay on Essays

The best essays stay with us and become models for the entire office, and I know that this application season will bring at least a few that get shared among all of my colleagues. Advice Bowdoin essayist college essays often begins with words like Bowdoin essayist, authentic, and concise.

We get a lot of very good writing from Bowdoin applicants, so most students handle the assignment well. But some writers get pretty far out on the limb with style, vocabulary, and choice of topic. My most frequent advice to students is: All students have opinions, reflections, and stories from their lives.

These real-life experiences, observations, and ideas are always the best starting point for essays. I do a great deal of writing in my work, and sometimes I become aware that the keyboard has been idle for a bit and the words are not exactly flowing onto the page or the screen.

Students who are struggling with their essays and who might have hit that pause, or that moment, may find help by returning to a more authentic idea or story about which they can write without reaching for words and phrases to manufacture a great college essay.

A few specific points of advice to students and parents: Good choices include a respected teacher, a counselor, a sibling, a parent, or a friend whose writing you respect. And, in the age of technology, spell-check is not always your friend.

You might be the person invited to review an essay, but you are not a co-author. Allow your children to write in their own voices and express ideas that are truly their own.

We received an essay two years ago from a young man who described his success at reaching level fifteen of some apocalyptic video game. Video games could be one of them.

Bowdoin essayist

Sex or bodily functions? Breakups and other drama with current or former loves? Usually not a good idea. What cracks you up might not be so funny to the reader of your application.

You might be very attached to your collection of wacky-colored socks, and you may feel that they say something vital about your personality. Your application should absolutely express who you are. But making your point about the socks in a way that gives us a stronger understanding of you as a college student could be a challenge.

For instance, each year we read a lot of essays about community service. Occasionally, the conclusions and life lessons based on a chance encounter with a homeless person in the subway, or a week of service abroad, seem so positive, life-changing, and dramatic as to be out of scale with the time invested or the nature of the experience.

Some of the best service essays, on the other hand, have been from students for whom service opportunities generated complex questions or confusion rather than simple answers.

We learn about you from how you reflect on what happened. Over the next five months, we will read approximately 14, essays.

We look forward to our reading, and I look forward to reporting on the Class of as it takes shape between now and May 1.Palisades Charter High School (usually colloquially known as "Pali High,"or "Pali," abbreviated as "PCHS") is an independent charter secondary school in Los Angeles, California, United public high school serves the neighborhoods of Pacific Palisades, Palisades Highlands, Kenter Canyon, and portions of Brentwood (including Brentwood Circle).

Bowdoin is known for its small student body, which still offers student organizations and boasts a student-to-faculty ratio of Although the school is small, it still enjoys a $ billion endowment.


Bowdoin awarded five honorary doctorates at the ceremony: • Jill Lepore, educator, author and essayist • Barry Mills ’72, Bowdoin College President • Karen Mills, Harvard Business School Senior Fellow • Molly Neptune .

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Howard Nemerov's biography and life Nemerov was an American poet. He was twice appointed Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress from to , and again from to Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin