A comparison of the puritan hell and the indian hell

Perhaps this difference is because of the situations each faced during his time of writing sermons. Edwards felt as though the ideals that the new world were built upon were slipping whereas his predecessor, Winthrop, wrote while on the threshold of a new religious and social experience. Even though these variations between the two men could be situational, it is worth exploring how they were similar based on basic Puritan ideas. To achieve his end of making his congregants aware of their precarious position on earth as they could be cast into hell at any time he reminded them of the power of God and his capacity for doing away with sinners.

A comparison of the puritan hell and the indian hell

An utterly boring routine for a spiritually inert congregation. But something weird happened. People started shaking and trembling. Some fell to the ground sobbing and moaning. Few today would be enamored with the vivid portrayal of a God who is so angry with humanity that he wants to surrender them to eternal torment.

A comparison of the puritan hell and the indian hell

As an ex-evangelical, I feel uneasy whenever hell is used to whip people into repentance so as to avoid damnation. Yet, I appreciate the sentiment of sincere soulsearching of the time and the desire to live lives worthy of God and society. Complacency and a self-defensive posture made room for honest conscientious introspection.

A Sovereign God American Christianity, as it developed under the influence of the successive revival movements, has, to a large extent, been inspired by the Puritan imagination with its Calvinistic vision of a sovereign God who sits on his throne on high from where he governs the world and from which he will one day descend to judge the wicked.

The Christianity that emerged from the religious fervor of the 18th and 19th century traditionally ambiguates on the relationship between Church and State.

Until the seventies, most evangelicals were marked by a focus on inner holiness, separation from the world, missionary zeal, and the vertical dimensions of faith. Many evangelicals strove for an ethically pure community that was somewhat at odds with the world.

Evangelical Christians were increasingly unhappy with the changing morals in society at large. Church and state may be separated realms of existence but if God is ultimately Lord of the whole world something had to be done.

A society that runs away with abortion, wants to give women the same rights as men, and seeks to legalize homosexual marriages needs to be stopped dead in its tracks. Or so the Moral Majority thought.

If evangelism and mission did not help stem the tide of increased liberal influence, political power might. And so they got into politics and were wooed by the GOP into its fold. Angry Sinners Somewhere along the line, something went horribly wrong. Evangelicals became a mere extension of the Republican platform.

Since that time it seems that God and sinners exchanged places. Liberty University, a bulwark of fundamentalists support for Trump, whose president, Jerry Falwell jr. A closer tie between religion and government is unthinkable.

The blindness, the callous attitude, and the irrational behavior of evangelicals have baffled me. Trump is in the process of destroying the very nation he promised to make great again.

It made me realize that evangelicals are a bunch of angry sinners. No, evangelicals are angry; very angry. In their anger, however, they reject the very foundations of the evangelical movement.

What has come of the self-searching honesty before God that characterized the earlier iteration of this movement during the awakenings?

The God evangelicals worship as sovereign is paraded around as a statue. The Biblical God has become a tribal god who goes to war against the enemies of evangelicalism and the alleged enemies of America.

A comparison of the puritan hell and the indian hell

After all, whoever claims an inerrant Scripture can also claim infallible knowledge. And whoever claims infallible knowledge can make God say anything they want.

But when this infallible God enters the political arena, things become potentially volatile. Apparently not, because we are now in a situation in which God is now the state-sanctioned idol in whose name children are separated from their undocumented immigrant parents.

It is very disconcerting to see how the claims of a so-called infallible God have made their way into the political arena in support of a calculating liar who will say anything in praise of this God as long as he gets his way. My concern is not primarily the way God is abused but to what abuse of minorities, vulnerable groups, state institutions, this kind of misconstrual may lead.

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It is amazing to see how theology has become relevant again for public discourse.INDEX TO STUDY OF THE DOCTRINE OF ETERNAL PUNISHMENT. Introduction; Hell Has Fallen on Hard Times; Teachings of Jesus Related to Eternal Punishment.

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Puritan theology hinged on the concept of election, the idea that some individuals were predestined by God to be saved and taken to heaven while other individuals were doomed to hell. One's status as a member of the elect did not necessarily correlate with good works or moral behavior on earth, for God had extended a "covenant of grace" to his tranceformingnlp.com Eschatology is the doctrine of future things.

It includes such things as: Inaugurated eschatology- Second Coming- Millennial kingdom- Rapture- Heaven- Hell- Final judgment- Resurrection- tranceformingnlp.com Find all the books, read about the author, and more. · Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, one of the most famous of all fire and brimstone sermons, was first preached by Jonathan Edwards, a prominent Puritan minister, in Enfield, Connecticut, in It was the first and most enduring expression of the uncompromising Calvinist theology of the Great tranceformingnlp.com://tranceformingnlp.com You are destined to Hell.

Drinking beer was a very big sin. Puritans were followers of the teachings of Calvin and believed, like the Separatists, that man was born in sin and they all bore the tranceformingnlp.com's_for_Puritans.

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